An innovative online Security and Human Rights platform: The Knowledge Hub

The Security and Human Rights Knowledge Hub is a web-based platform that brings together guidance documents, tools, and case studies that address security and human rights issues related to corporate operations in complex environments. By organising resources in a user-friendly manner, the Knowledge Hub facilitates access to information and promotes knowledge sharing.


Visit the Security and Human Rights Knowledge Hub.


Observertoire de la Governance de la Sécurité Privée

This project seeks to reinforce the role of civil society organisations (CSOs) as a means to ensure effective oversight and accountability of the private security sector. It offers a unique combination of civil society capacity building and promotion of norms, good practices and standards for private security governance.

The Private Security Governance Observatory is an innovative platform tailored to promote CSOs organisational capacity to fulfil their monitoring role of the private security industry.


Visit the Private Security Governance Observatory. 



Host Government Engagement Strategy Tool (DCAF, ICRC and IPIECA, 2017) 

This tool aims to support company representatives prepare for the first consultations with national security actors and establish a strategy for the engagement and communication with security sector representatives. Companies can draw on individual sections of the tool to fill gaps in their preparations for consultations or use the tool in its entirety to establish an engagement and communication strategy. Read more.



Host Country Security Assessment Guide (DCAF, ICRC and IPIECA, 2017)

The Security Assessment Guide is aimed to assist companies in evaluating the national and regional security contexts and identifying the different challenges that are likely to affect extractive operations. It provides the user with a comprehensive list of guiding questions that allow for a holistic overview of the security situation as well as a detailed analysis of all relevant actors. Read more.